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Weekday Special

Monday to Friday

From 9am to 3pm the most you will pay for a game is $9.00. There may even be a better deal listed below so make sure you study all the specials and select what is best for you.
Does not apply during school holidays.

Senior Citizens Day

Tuesday Only

From 9am to 3pm every Tuesday senior citizens can bowl for just $7.00 per game. Complimentary tea/coffee is also available. To make your day even more enjoyable you can listen to music of your choice.

Happy Hour


From 4pm to 9pm enjoy bowling for just $6.00 per game. As long as you book and begin bowling before 9pm this discounted rate will apply.
Does not apply during school holidays.

Unlimited Bowling will cease at this stage.  We may bring it back later in the year.  Keep an eye out on updates

Rent-A-Lane $30.00 per hour (4 – 9pm)

Wednesday and Sunday

For the speed bowlers. This is the cheapest bowling you can get. The clock starts from when you bowl your first ball and finishes exactly one hour later. Quick bowlers should get in six games.

A word from the wise – get your drinks before you start bowling!

School Special

Organised School Event

Monday to Friday, During School Hours

Enjoy $8.00 per game (per student) as part of an organised school event, during school hours and Terms.
Does not apply during school holidays.


1 Te Tupe Road
Nikau Valley
Kapiti 5032
(take the Lindale exit of SH1)


Phone: 04 298 3674




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